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Alessa is trusted by banks, MSBs, fintechs, insurance, gaming, manufacturing and retail companies to prevent money laundering, breaches in internal controls, purchase card (p-card) abuse, travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses fraud, and insurance fraud.

One of the reasons that Alessa is quickly chosen by organizations is that it is a versatile and modular solution that can be quickly integrated with existing infrastructure and scales with organizations as their size and needs grow.

Alessa also offers depth in functionality­ ̶ allowing organizations to use one solution for all their continuous controls monitoring, compliance and fraud prevention needs.

Regardless of how the solution is used, Alessa includes advanced analytics that are AI-driven to detect complex fraud schemes across departments and systems; simple and configurable workflows that guide employees through policies and processes; and intuitive, easy-to-use case management tools that can be used across multiple departments for investigations, remediation and enrolling the entire organization in a culture of compliance.

ATM Transaction

Banks and Credit Unions

Financial institutions process a high volume of transactions, offer a variety of products and are held to stringent regulations.

Strict reporting and enhanced due diligence (EDD) requirements also require them to perform careful screening and ongoing monitoring of all transactions and customers.

Alessa helps banks, credit unions and other financial institutions comply with regulations and proactively prevent fraud.


Paying With a Cell Phone

Money Services Businesses (MSBs)

MSBs face different compliance challenges than banks, including more challenging customer risk profiling, so it’s no surprise that MSBs require a different compliance solution.

The solution offered by Alessa can be configured to meet the specific needs of MSBs to help gain a true picture of customers and their activities – even if they use different branches in different parts of the banking network.


Electronic Payments


Sending and receiving millions of electronic payments through a variety of methods and jurisdictions means FinTechs have to diligently monitor every transaction they process.

Alessa offers payment service providers and other FinTechs peace of mind by continuously monitoring all transactions and screening customers in real time during onboarding, keeping the business running smoothly and protecting it from financial losses.


Man Filling out Health Insurance Claim


While many accept insurance fraud as an unfortunate cost of doing business, it doesn’t have to be.

Alessa’s combination of rules-based and advanced analytics detect and prevent insurance fraud throughout the claims process.

Spanning multiple business lines—auto, life, health, homeowners, disability, and workers’ compensation—Alessa detects fraudulent claims before they are paid out, protecting the company’s revenue and ensuring premiums don’t increase.


Gambling at a Casino

Gaming and Casinos

Gaming and casinos present a unique opportunity for criminals to launder money. Keeping financial crimes out of these organizations is a top priority for their compliance teams.

Alessa helps gaming establishments complete due diligence activities, including identity verification and sanctions screening, and fulfill regulatory requirements efficiently, reduce potential fines and penalties and protect revenues.


People Shaking Hands

Corporate and Retail

Missed discounts, erroneous payments or purchase order errors are costly. To maximize revenue, businesses must find the balance between stringent fraud prevention and an excellent customer experience.

Alessa monitors processes across multiple departments (e.g., loss prevention, procurement, finance, operations and audit) to identify control breaches, fraud and loss before it affects the business negatively.




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