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MSB AML Compliance: Avoid Fines

MSB transactions

Like other financial institutions, Money Services Businesses (MSBs) are required to maintain an effective  anti-money laundering (AML) program.

There are various MSB AML risks associated with the industry due to services offered, such as money orders, traveler’s checks, check cashing, currency exchange and/or money transfer services. Alessa offers an end-to-end money service business software solution for AML compliance that has the ability to connect transactions from the same sender (or same receiver) across different retail outlets in order to help identify suspicious transactions or money laundering schemes. Detect and prevent risks from becoming compliance threats with our following features:

  • Analytics to Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Transaction screening to identify suspicious transactions
  • Automated reporting to ease reporting to regulators
  • Workflows to guide processes
  • Case management to track investigations for audits and examinations
  • Dashboards to monitor the performance of programs

Features & Benefits

Alessa Alessa

KYC Analytics

Connect transactions to or from the same person across branches to identify suspicious activities.

Alessa Alessa

Transaction Monitoring

Review every transaction to flag any that may be part of a money laundering scheme.

Alessa Alessa

Transaction Screening

Screen receivers and senders in real-time to ensure they are not sanctioned or high-risk entities.

Alessa Alessa

Regulatory Reporting

Automated creation, validation and e-filing of reports for various jurisdictions.

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Risk Scoring

Realistic assessment of risks based on entity profile and activity that is configurable.

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Investigation Tools

Workflows, case management that engages the entire organization in compliance.

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MSB AML Requirements

MSBs are required by law to have an effective AML compliance program by several regulatory bodies, one of these being the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). FinCEN MSB requirements include:

  • Implementing policies, procedures, internal controls for compliance;
  • Designating a compliance officer for day-to-day operations;
  • Providing education and/or training of appropriate personnel and
  • Having independent program reviews.

MSBs should also:

  • Properly identify all persons conducting financial transactions
  • Review transactions for potential illegal activity
  • File suspicious activity and threshold reports

As a result, Alessa’s money service business software solution is used by many institutions to meet their MSB AML compliance obligations.

Transaction Monitoring Software

MSB Transaction Monitoring

Alessa allows MSBs to review all transactions and identify suspicious or out-of-compliance transactions. Manage a growing volume of transactions in real time by monitoring:

  • Transactions from a single customer that when combined breach an acceptable daily/weekly/monthly threshold
  • Customers that are receiving payments from many sources or sending money from different locations
  • Different customers using the same addresses or ID numbers
  • Multiple customers sending wire transactions from within the same city to the same receiver(s)
  • Individuals with debits or credits in excess of $10,000 over a 24-hour period at any location

MSB KYC Analytics

MSBs don’t use the same onboarding systems and processes as banks which can make it difficult to detect money laundering schemes. As a result, your business may need specific solutions in real-time to meet unique MSB KYC requirements. Use Alessa to conduct real-time name screening during and after onboarding for compliance and assurance purposes. 

Using data and know your customer analytics, our money service business software solution is also able to help connect transactions from the same sender (or same receiver) across branches in order to help identify cases where:

  • Two/more customers use similar IDs
  • Customer alters spelling or order of his/her full name
  • Customers attempt to hide the size of a large cash transaction
  • Two or more customers are working together to break one transaction into multiple transactions in order to evade reporting or record keeping requirements
  • Customer uses two or more locations or cashiers in order to break one transaction into smaller transactions to evade reporting or record keeping requirement


AML Compliance

Alessa integrates with existing systems to detect suspicious activities, automate processes and reduce the cost of compliance.

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Transaction Monitoring

Screen transactions in real time, periodically or by specific events with Alessa.

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Regulatory Reporting

See why Pangea Money Transfer selected Alessa for AML monitoring and reporting

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