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AML Compliance for
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Whether you are a lender, a mortgage broker, or providing financing to businesses, you are expected to maintain the same commitments to AML compliance as other financial institutions.


But AML is likely only one of many compliance responsibilities you have right now. And regulatory scrutiny and accountability in this area are increasing for all financial professionals.


So how do you meet your AML compliance obligations and still provide an exceptional customer experience?

The right solution should make life easier

Alessa’s powerful, integrated platform is designed to support a risk-based approach to compliance in a simple, user-friendly manner. Our solution supports your compliance team by automating tasks and workflows to create more efficient processes and faster resolutions. Alessa can help make AML compliance the easiest part of your workday.


The integrated features that work for your business include:

Due diligence for KYC programs, Alessa integrates with your existing systems and can be used during the customer due diligence (CDD) process.


Once onboarded, our software provides you with the tools to better understand the nature and purpose of client relationships for enhanced anomaly detection.

Screening in real-time, in batches or periodically, Alessa uses sanction lists, OFAC, law enforcement, politically exposed persons (PEPs), adverse media, and internal high-risk lists to provide a realistic view of the potential risks associated with a customer.


You can also configure Alessa to review your existing customer database and update risk levels based on existing profiles, risks, and activities.

Alessa monitors every type of transaction, including cash deposits, wires and checks, to detect suspicious activities. With this holistic view of your data, Alessa can accurately identify suspicious activities with less false positives.

Alessa leverages data from various sources to create a risk score that supports your risk management efforts. Risk factors and weights are all configurable by you to match your specific risk appetite.

Alessa also offers automated regulatory reporting for currency transaction reports (CTRs), suspicious activity reports (SARs) and suspicious transaction reports (STRs).


Your reports are auto populated, validated, and electronically submitted to regulators.

Automated case management. Automated workflows ensure your team works better together.  Intuitive, use-friendly dashboards help keep you on top every step of the process.

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