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Watchlist and Sanctions Screening

Real-time or on-demand screening

You need a powerful screening solution that will help you avoid risky relationships.


Partnering with industry powerhouses like Dow Jones, Ciphertrace, Refinitiv World-Check, and CRB Monitor, Alessa offers you a sanctions screening solution that allows you to: 


Monitor for crypto transactions

Quickly determine if your institution is serving virtual asset businesses or if your customers are transacting with digital wallets. Powered by CipherTrace, Alessa allows you to cross-reference your accounts against a comprehensive list of over 600 crypto exchanges.

Access verified and relevant lists

The combined power of Alessa and Dow Jones Risk & Compliance facilitates real-time due diligence screening to help you comply with regulatory mandates and better manage financial and reputational risks. Our solution gives you access to the following lists:

Global sanctions

  • People and entities subject to comprehensive or targeted restrictive measures

Sanctions Control & Ownership (SCO) 

  • More than 22,000 companies owned or controlled by individuals, entities or regions sanctioned by OFAC and/or the European Union

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) 

  • Senior public officials and their relatives and close associates, with coverage of government officials across 22 high-risk job categories

Adverse Media (on individuals)

  • Special interest persons, including those involved in key criminal categories

Industries we serve

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