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Procurement Monitoring Solution

Expenses are a fraud risk

Many companies opt for software programs to electronically manage their expenses. These solutions are great for program management, but can they help you detect misuse, abuse, and fraud?


Alessa provides state-of-the-art monitoring and analysis to protect your business. Fraud schemes can be complex, and Alessa’s comprehensive analytics can help you actively detect and manage your risk.

Why Choose Alessa for Procurement Monitoring?

You Need the Right Analytical Power

Alessa offers a transaction monitoring and fraud detection platform that prevents revenue loss from fraud, abuse and waste in expense and procurement programs. 


Designed for public and private institutions of all sizes, Alessa is a configurable solution that can help you:


  • Detect fraud, misuse and abuse within your procurement programs
  • Prevent improper payments 
  • Eliminate expensive cost-recovery services 
  • Protect against vendor risks

Detect Fraud, Misuse and Abuse

Alessa allows you to identify and prevent:


  • Travel and entertainment anomalies
  • Inconsistent procurement and expense management processes 
  • P-Card fraud

Under the Hood

Cross-Departmental & Cardholder Analysis

Examines data from your other systems to maximize insights and ensure that transactions are analyzed holistically. 


For example, if an employee submitted expenses for a business trip last week, the transaction by itself would appear to comply with company policies. However, if HR data reveals that the employee was on leave that day, the transaction could be flagged for further investigation.

Automated Transaction Monitoring

Review every transaction to ensure that business or expense rules have not been violated. If a deviation or violation is detected, the system automatically flags the transaction for investigation and resolution.


This functionality ensures that travel, entertainment, and expense policies are not violated. It also flags any transactions that may affect the company’s reputation, such as: 


  • Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) 
  • Business dealings with politically exposed persons (PEPs).

Workflow and Case Management Capabilities

Once a transaction has been flagged, it is important that it be investigated quickly and methodically. 


Alessa’s workflows and case management solution provide fast, automated remediation. You can choose alerts to be delivered via email, text message or an on-screen pop-up. Alessa can be customized to provide:


  • Links to related issues that may help the user make decisions
  • The entire history and nature of the issue, including who performed what actions when
  • Remediation guidelines on how to approach the issue
  • Indicators that will inform processes improvements, including possible root causes and the actions performed


These configurable workflows ensure that processes that meet the company’s culture and policies are implemented.

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