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Transaction Monitoring and Screening Solution

Real-time monitoring and real insights

Money just moves faster now.

Transaction frequency, both traditional and digital, is increasing at an exponential rate. Protecting your business from financial crime requires a solution that works at the speed of the next innovation.


Alessa offers real-time transaction monitoring and screening to help you stay ahead of bad actors and changing regulations.

Key Features

Real-Time, Periodic or Event-Based Monitoring

With Alessa, you can monitor every type of transaction, both traditional and digital, including well-known money laundering scenarios within your industry to quickly detect any suspicious movements of funds.

Machine Learning and Rules-Based Analytics

Alessa uses machine learning and rules-based advanced analytics to help you detect suspicious transactions that are out of character or exceed the risk tolerance of your organization.

Workflows and Case Management for Flagged Transactions

With a highly configurable workflow module, Alessa facilitates collaborative case management and investigation. Plus, Alessa allows your investigators to search the repository of alerts, cases, comments, etc., for related information to include in the current investigation.

Monitor for Suspicious Transactions in Real-Time

Our AML transaction monitoring gives you instant results and faster decision-making capabilities. Alessa provides immediate insight into suspicious activity for accurate transaction monitoring leading to fewer false positives. 

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Transaction monitoring is just one module in Alessa’s integrated AML platform. It is powerful on its own, but when used in collaboration with our KYC, sanctions screening, case management, risk scoring and regulatory reporting solutions, you’ll benefit from:

Daily Updates on Client Risk

Alessa provides you with a comprehensive and daily update on client risk, highlighting clients whose risk scores have surpassed your organization’s risk threshold in the last 24-hours.

A 360° View of Each Client

Alessa 360° provides a complete view of client information and activities, making suspicious activity easier to investigate and resolve.

Expedited Processes and Results

We've streamlined and automated many of the time-consuming AML tasks so you can focus on investigation and the next steps to help keep your establishment compliant.

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I have worked in Alessa for over five years. What I loved about the company is that it has a strong culture with great values. The company takes an effort to discuss with employees their personal as well professional challenges. The software has the ability to identify and take action on the flaws or loopholes in the business process and further improve it.


– Ashwini S., Senior Data Analyst

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