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Money just moves faster now.

Transaction frequency, both traditional and digital, is increasing at an exponential rate. Protecting your business from financial crime requires a solution that works at the speed of the next new innovation.


Alessa offers real-time transaction monitoring and screening to help you stay ahead of bad actors and changing regulations.

You need a solution that works with your business needs

Alessa provides you a real-time solution that allows you to quickly detect and investigate suspicious activity. Our transaction monitoring solution also offers you:

With Alessa you can monitor for every type of transaction, both traditional and digital, including well-known money laundering scenarios within the industry to quickly detect any suspicious movement of funds.

Risk scoring you control. Using data from multiple sources, Alessa allows you to easily determine the risk of doing business with an individual or entity. With ongoing monitoring in place, Alessa can also complete periodic reviews of your customer base that help you keep client risk levels up to date.

Regulatory reports in minutes. With Alessa your regulatory reports (SARs and STRs) can be auto-populated, validated, and electronically submitted across multiple jurisdictions.

Powerful Analysis when you need it. Alessa uses rules-based advanced analytics, like anomaly detection to help you detect suspicious transactions that are out of character or exceed the risk tolerance of your organization.

Make investigations easier. With a highly configurable workflow module, Alessa facilitates collaborative case management and investigation. Plus, Alessa allows your investigators to search the repository of alerts, cases, comments, etc., for related information to include in the current investigation.

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I have worked in Alessa for over five years. What I loved about the company is that it has a strong culture with great values. The company takes an effort to discuss with employees their personal as well professional challenges. The software has the ability to identify and take action on the flaws or loopholes in the business process and further improve it.


– Ashwini S., Senior Data Analyst

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