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Keeping up with AML regulations doesn’t have to be stressful. While insurance companies are facing increasing regulation, the right AML partner can help you manage suspicious activity. Alessa can also help you be prepared should you get audited by regulators.

You need a solution that actually works for you

Alessa offers a comprehensive platform specifically built to help insurance companies maintain compliance.


Your team will benefit from:

Alessa can monitor every type of transaction, including the well-known money laundering scenarios within the industry. With Alessa you can quickly detect any suspicious movement of funds in and out of policies, as well as monitoring insurance claims fraud.

With Alessa, screening can be done in real-time, in batches or periodically. Alessa uses sanction lists, OFAC, law enforcement, politically exposed persons (PEPs), adverse media, and internal high-risk lists to provide a realistic view of the potential risks associated with your clients.

With Alessa your regulatory reports (SARs and STRs) can be auto populated, validated, and electronically submitted across multiple jurisdictions.

Alessa offers a highly automated case management solution that allows your team to work together better and get to resolutions quicker. You have a clear, concise paper trail for any auditors or regulators.

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