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AML Compliance and Fraud Prevention Solutions

Alessa helps you defend your business

Alessa is purpose-built to support you in fighting financial crime and staying ahead of bad actors.


We’ve simplified and streamlined the compliance and fraud prevention processes so you can focus on the important parts of your job.


Alessa is trusted by banks, casinos, MSBs, fintechs, insurance companies, mortgage lenders, manufacturing and retail companies in over 20 countries to prevent money laundering and breaches in internal controls.

AML Compliance Solutions

Compliance and regulatory requirements are multi-layer and constantly changing, which can make keeping your business compliant time-consuming, complicated, and costly.


Alessa offers a better AML compliance solution. Integrating with your core systems for real-time due diligence, Alessa can be deployed as modules or as a comprehensive platform.

Quickly identify suspicious activities and high-risk entities through automation, integration, powerful technology and ongoing support from our team of experts.

Receive automatic updates of significant changes to client risk levels

Know who you are doing business with before it impacts your business with Alessa’s real-time risk intelligence capabilities.

Analyze transactions in real-time, periodically, or in batches and receive alerts of suspicious activities that require investigation.

Screen individuals and businesses against multiple lists including PEPs, negative news, OFAC and other sanctions lists.

Assess the risk of doing business with an individual or business during onboarding and throughout your organization’s relationship with the entity.

With configurable workflows and case management tools, your team can seamlessly investigate, escalate and resolve investigations.

Auto-populate and electronically file between 70-100% of your SAR, STR, or CTR reports.

Fraud Management Solutions

Alessa’s fraud management solutions are designed for public and private institutions of all sizes. Our solutions include advanced analytics that helps detect complex fraud schemes across departments and systems.


Simple and configurable workflows guide you through processes; and intuitive, easy-to-use case management tools support investigations and remediation. Your organization’s waste and abuse are reduced or eliminated with Alessa.

Alessa can provide you with a continuous real-time view of customer, employee, and vendor activities to reduce risk and losses.

Using the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), Alessa allows your team to easily detect and resolve threats of client account takeover.

Powered by rules-based analytics, Alessa automates process monitoring and analysis to quickly flag suspicious activities

State-of-the-art monitoring and analysis to detect misuse, abuse, and fraud.

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