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Our Vision

A World Free of Financial Crime

Our Mission

Our noble defenders deliver transformative solutions to fight financial crime.  We help our clients reduce risk, save money and grow their business, while also making the world a better place

Our Strategy

To grow by providing the most robust SaaS KYC, AML and fraud prevention solutions for financial institutions and corporates anywhere, anytime.

Alessa at a Glance

Founded in 2006 in Jamaica


Trusted by over 150 companies across multiple industries

Deployed across 20 countries

A consistent award-winner year in and year out


100+ employees across North America, Caribbean, and the UK

Meet Our Leadership

Holly Sais Phillippi

Chief Executive Officer​

With over 18 years of experience in the compliance industry, Holly leads the Alessa team as Chief Executive Officer. In a previous role managing partner relationships, Holly worked with numerous AML/KYC and fraud software providers to implement solutions to clients of all sizes, in a variety of industry verticals. This front-line experience allowed Holly to garner a deep foundational knowledge of the nuances of the fraud and compliance landscape, leading to her recognition as a thought leader in the compliance space. Her speaking engagements at AML and fraud panels, often discussing the convergence of the two fields, showed an industry need for a solution able to provide a comprehensive view of clients. This recognition of clients’ needs to consolidate point solution vendors into a singular platform, providing greater efficiency and accuracy, has allowed for a natural transition to Holly’s leadership of Alessa, an all-encompassing solution that brings together KYC, KYB, AML, and fraud into a singular platform.

Alan Cooke​

Chief Financial Officer​

Alan oversees financial planning, accounting, and legal at Alessa. He has more than a decade of experience leading finance teams, most notably with Attivio, later sold to ServiceNow. Alan also has a range of prior financial and operational experience including as a sell-side equity analyst at Merrill Lynch, sales strategy at Oracle, a management consultant with McKinsey, and as an attorney with Macdonald Affleck.

Jeff Woods

SVP of Sales​

As SVP of Sales, Jeff oversees Alessa’s sales operations. Prior to joining Alessa, he honed his skills leading field-based SaaS teams and fostering strong partner sales channels at Traliant, Skillsoft, and Thomson Reuters. At Thomson Reuteurs, Jeff played a key role in leading the World-Check business to year over year double digit growth over a 6-year period. He utilizes this wealth of experience in the AML and Due Diligence space to develop and execute Alessa’s sales strategies.

Corrie Murray

VP of Engineering

Corie is responsible for driving the technology platform and cloud strategy at Alessa. He has built a talented team of engineers, creating our AML compliance and continuous controls monitoring platform. Prior to Alessa, Corie was Senior Developer at SymSure, leading a team of 5 developers to create the SymSure Continuous Controls Monitoring platform.

Scott Taylor 8421 Final

Scott Taylor

VP of Professional Services​

Scott has a wealth of experience, having played diverse roles including Consultant, Implementation Manager, Project Manager, and Director/Vice President of Professional Services. As a seasoned leader in Professional Services, Scott has successfully built and nurtured high-performing Services teams. He has also made significant strides in enhancing Implementation Methodology and Service Delivery framework, enhancing Services and Sales relationships. Scott's customer-centric approach has contributed to an improved customer experience throughout the Sales process.

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