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Growing pains

Cryptocurrency payments exceeded $3 trillion in 2021. New currencies and technologies continue to emerge and flourish, creating challenges for both digital and fiat businesses alike.


 The industry is also under a tremendous amount of scrutiny and increased regulations as bad actors recognize crypto and blockchain technology’s potential for misuse, fraud and money laundering.

Does your team have the support it needs?

Your AML team must be able to quickly identify and report any suspicious activity related to the exploitation of crypto for money laundering, sanctions evasion, and other illicit financing purposes.


 They must do this at a much greater speed than traditional financial institutions, and still ensure a positive customer experience.


You need a solution that keeps you compliant with evolving crypto regulations

Integrating cryptocurrency intelligence data from CipherTrace, Alessa allows you to implement effective controls to identify, monitor, and report suspicious activity involving virtual asset-related transactions. With Alessa you will be able to strengthen your risk-based approach to crypto with the ability to: 

Software for crypto AML compliance

Know who’s doing business with who. With Alessa, you can track accounts associated with peer-to-peer crypto exchanges and virtual currency kiosks. Also cross-reference the contact information of small VASPs with customer records to flag suspicious activities.

Identify transactions and people associated with VASPs. Easily identify customers transacting with CVCs and unregistered crypto MSBs that may be attempting to evade supervision.

One solution – fast, easy screening. Alessa lets you conduct real-time screening during and after onboarding for compliance and assurance purposes.

Real time, periodic and batch transaction monitoring. You can monitor for every type of transaction, both traditional and digital, including well-known money laundering scenarios within the industry to quickly detect any suspicious movement of funds.

Make investigations easier. With a highly configurable workflow module, Alessa facilitates collaborative case management and investigation. 

Plus, Alessa allows your investigators to search the repository of alerts, cases, comments, etc., for related information to include in the current investigation.

Regulatory reports in minutes. With Alessa your regulatory reports can be auto populated, validated, and electronically submitted in minutes.

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See for yourself how Alessa can help your organization

Alessa provides a 100% commitment free demo to demonstrate the tools and features we provide.