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Identity Verification for KYC/KYB Compliance

Know who you are doing business with.

Identity Verification Software

Your KYC and KYB programs need to meet the size, complexity and geographic reach of your business. As your business grows your needs might change to include new products and services, so your AML program needs to grow with you. 


Alessa is built to scale with your business and when combined with third-party data and risk intelligence (e.g. Refinitiv World-Check, Thomson Reuters CLEAR ID Confirm™, Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, CipherTrace crypto intelligence, and cannabis-related data), Alessa customers enjoy the benefits of customer identification and due diligence capabilities from within one application. 

Key Features

Real-Time Identity Verification

Real-time risk intelligence during onboarding is critical to protect your business. Alessa includes APIs for integration with your onboarding systems to verify identities and search sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), OFAC, and proprietary lists in real-time.

Ongoing Monitoring for CDD and KYC Efforts

With Alessa, your CDD processes can include ongoing or periodic risk-based monitoring of your customer relationships to determine whether there are substantive changes to the original CDD information (e.g., change in employment or business operations).

Customer Due Diligence 

Go beyond simply checking whether an entity is on a sanctions list or watchlist and instead get detailed background information on individuals and businesses based on comprehensive research by industry-leading data providers. 

One Integrated AML Platform

As an integrated solution, Alessa allows you to incorporate results from screening and identity verification into transaction monitoring, risk scoring and regulatory reporting processes. This allows you to create more comprehensive profiles for better risk management.

Configured For Your Organization

Alessa lets you confirm identities accurately and efficiently with a seamless process that can be customized to your specific needs. Our scoring configuration also allows you to determine which data is most relevant to your business needs.

Simplify Identity Verification:
The Power of KYC/KYB Tools

Alessa integrates with your onboarding system to verify identities in real time which means you can complete due diligence in minutes, validate customers faster and protect your organization.

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KYC and Identity Verification is one solution in Alessa’s integrated AML platform. It is powerful on its own, but when used in collaboration with our sanctions screening, transaction monitoring, risk scoring, case management, and regulatory reporting solutions, you’ll benefit from:

Daily Updates On Client Risk

Alessa provides you with a comprehensive update on client risk, highlighting the customers whose risk scores have surpassed your organization’s risk threshold in the last 24 hours.

A 360° View of Each Client

Alessa 360° provides a complete view of client information and activities, making suspicious activity easier to investigate and resolve.

Expedited Processes and Results

We've streamlined and automated many of the time-consuming AML tasks so you can focus on investigation and the next steps to help keep your establishment compliant.

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