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Alessa is a powerful, integrated platform for all your AML compliance and fraud prevention needs. Our software solutions are implemented by banks, credit unions, casinos, lending and financingMSBs, FinTechs, crypto exchanges, payments and insurance firms to help them stop financial crimes and fraud. 

Some Challenges Are Universal

We surveyed compliance professionals across industries, in firms of all sizes to identify the top three AML compliance challenges of today:


  1. Heightened and evolving regulatory expectations (we need help keeping up with changes) 
  2. Manual processes (We need more automation) 
  3. Data management (We need more visibility into our data) 

Alessa Can Address All These…

Alessa can support you in staying current and staying compliant. The Alessa platform offers the technology, automation, integration, and people that will help you protect your company and your customers from financial crime and fraud.

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