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Surfacing suspicious activity or entities is just the beginning of your AML compliance process.  Reviewing, investigating, and determining if a transaction is criminal activity is a critical part of financial crime due diligence. 


A good case management solution helps you make the right decisions about suspicious activity.  A great case management solution helps you do it faster and easier.  It should also save you time, money and resources. 

The Alessa Difference

The five key elements that makes the Alessa case management module work better for your compliance team are: 

Alessa uses decision learning to continuously refine and advance alert management, leading to better results and less false positives.  Alert thresholds and parameters are configurable to your specific business needs.

Streamlined for powerful efficiency. With Alessa, workflows are automated for fast, seamless case investigation, escalation and resolution. You also have the ability to design and structure the workflows that work for your team.

Collaboration across the business. Getting the information to the right people on your team or across the organization is critical to successful case management in AML compliance. Alessa is built for collaboration, communication and team-based processes.

Clear, concise dashboards. Alessa’s industry-leading visualization tools means you have greater insights into all compliance activity in your organization. You also have on-demand access to reports and information required for audits.

Flexible, custom workflows. Permissions can be set for accessing, creating, or deleting resources. You can also define user and role access rights to platform features and resources down to the data point level.

A typical alert journey in Alessa

  • A suspicious transaction is detected in real-time and an alert is created
  • The alert is assessed by your organizations screening criteria and assigned to a compliance team member
  • The transaction is reviewed and confirmed as suspicious, and an investigation begins
  • If applicable, the alert can be escalated to a manager or other team members
  • Compliance manager uncovers a second alert, that becomes grouped with this new alert and a case is created for reporting
  • Within Alessa, a case is created and automatically filed to the regulatory body
  • The CAMLO is immediately notified of this activity and their dashboard is updated

Alessa helped resolve this alert in less than 2 hours.

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