Compliance professional assessing client risk

A 360° View of
Client Risk

Receive automatic updates of
significant changes to client risk levels

Each day you juggle new client assessments, changing client risk levels and regulatory requirements, all while adhering to strict deadlines. With multiple priorities and significant repercussions for non-compliance, where do you put your focus each day?


You need an AML solution that gives you a holistic view of client risk.


Harnessing the power of our integrated platform, Alessa can pinpoint the clients who have surpassed your organization’s risk threshold, tell you why their risk score changed and simplify your investigation and reporting processes.

Key Features

A 360° View of Each Client

Alessa 360° provides a complete view of client information and activities, making suspicious activity easier to investigate and resolve.

Expedited Processes and Results

We've streamlined and automated many of the time-consuming AML tasks so you can focus on investigation and the next steps to help keep your establishment compliant.

Daily Updates on Client Risk

Alessa provides you with a comprehensive update on client risk, highlighting the clients whose risk scores have surpassed your establishment’s risk threshold in the last 24 hours.

Adaptable Risk Model

With Alessa, client risk is assessed daily using factors defined by your organization’s risk model. If the risk tolerance changes, Alessa makes it easy to quickly adjust factors and weights.

A 360° View of Client Risk Dashboard Capabilities

Our 360° View of Client Risk Dashboard provides you with the insights you need to effectively and efficiently identify and manage your riskiest clients. 

Industries We Serve

“Alessa gives you a 360-degree view of your customer. Alessa took all our legacy information, from multiple systems, and pulled it together in one spot, which allows us to view our customers and their transactions based on a variety of criteria that we select.”
A Client using Alessa's AML automation solution
Lisa Arechavaletta
Vice President of Compliance, Athene

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Excellent tool for fraud prevention and risk management

I have worked with Alessa for years because of how useful it is to thoroughly analyze transactions and identify suspicious operations

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