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AML Compliance for Fintechs

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Alessa is your best choice to meet the requirements of regulators and maintain your good standing with bank partners.

Our powerful compliance platform provides a modular solution that addresses all aspects of AML compliance for Fintechs, with the ability to scale to meet your current and future growth.

The technology works for you

Alessa uses rules-based analytics with anomaly detection and predictive analytics. Methods such as clustering, data/text mining, and network analysis detect suspicious activity sooner and more accurately.


That means fewer false positives and faster resolutions. Better for your business and better for your customers.


Alessa’s powerful AML compliance platform offers:

Quicker onboarding with fewer hassles. Alessa integrates with your onboarding system, risk intelligence data, and identity verification solutions. This means you meet FinTech customer due diligence requirements faster and more efficiently.

Get a true picture of risks. Our FinTech compliance solution uses OFAC, politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions watchlists, and internal lists, to provide a realistic assessment of the potential risks associated with an entity.

Alessa also periodically reviews your existing customer base and updates their risk level based on their activity as well as data from third-party lists.

Real-time transaction monitoring. Get a holistic view of customer activities with transaction monitoring capabilities, generating alerts for suspicious activities with the highest risk.

Alerts are sent to the appropriate personnel for investigation and tracked using the case management system.

Risk scoring you control. Develop a risk scoring model that matches your establishment’s risk tolerance, so you can have a complete picture of each of your customers.


With Alessa, risk factors, weights, scores, and aggregates are all configurable based on your specific needs.

Regulatory reports in minutes. Automated regulatory reporting for currency transaction reports (CTRs), suspicious activity reports (SARs) and suspicious transaction reports (STRs). Alessa generates, validates and e-files in multiple jurisdictions.


Alessa also keeps your reporting requirements up to date, meaning you never have to worry about missing an update from a regulator again.

Make investigations easier with our case management solution. Detecting potential AML risk is just half of what Alessa can do to help ease your compliance efforts. Alessa offers a highly automated case management solution that allows your team to collaborate better and get to resolutions quicker.

FinTech transaction monitoring

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See for yourself how Alessa can help your organization

Alessa provides a 100% commitment free demo to demonstrate the tools and features we provide.