Account Takeover Fraud Prevention Solutions

Account Takeover Fraud Prevention Solutions

Early detection and prevention

Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud has recently experienced a staggering surge. Between 2019 and 2021 ATO fraud increased by over 300% across the globe.1 


Bad actors can use ATO successes as a launching pad to infiltrate an organization’s entire system, which can lead to national or even global negative press that can damage your organization’s hard-earned reputation. 


You need an ATO prevention solution to help safeguard your customer’s accounts and your company’s reputation.


Using the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), Alessa allows your team to easily detect the threat of a client account takeover so that you can quickly shut down the account before serious damage is done.

Key Features

Get A Daily Update of Fraud Risk

Alessa provides you with a comprehensive daily report on client risk, emphasizing individuals whose risk scores have exceeded your company’s predetermined threshold within the previous 24 hours. Through our Risk Level Change Dashboard, your team can effortlessly start each day focused on client accounts displaying indications of fraudulent activity.

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Change is a common indicator of potential fraud. With Alessa, changes to a client’s bank and personal information will be verified with GIAC and discrepancies will be immediately flagged for investigation.

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Powered by machine learning, Alessa can monitor all of your clients’ transactions to quickly flag high-risk issues so you can take immediate action.

Fraud Risk Scoring You Control

Develop a risk scoring model that matches your establishment’s risk tolerance, so you have a complete picture of each of your clients. Working in tandem with our other modules, Alessa allows you to update client risk scores in real-time as new data comes in.

Customizable Resolution Workflows

Based on your organization’s processes and risk tolerance, Alessa can help you make the right decisions about suspicious activity. For example, you may want to set-up a grading system that dictates how an account should be managed based on a client’s risk score. With Alessa, you can also integrate automation to immediately shut down risky accounts when they surpass your organization’s risk threshold.

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Account takeover fraud prevention is just one solution in Alessa’s integrated platform. It is powerful on its own, but when used in collaboration with our AML solution, you will benefit from:

Integrated FRAML Platform

Combining all relevant data into a single, user-friendly platform, Alessa allows you to easily detect money laundering and fraudulent activities such as account takeover fraud.


Alessa integrates with your onboarding system to verify identities in real time which means you can complete due diligence in minutes, validate customers faster and protect your organization.

Transaction Monitoring

Our AML transaction monitoring gives you instant results and faster decision-making capabilities. Alessa provides immediate insight into suspicious activity for accurate transaction monitoring leading to fewer false positives.

Watchlist and Sanctions Screening

Alessa uses current sanction lists, OFAC, law enforcement, PEPs adverse media, crypto, and your own internal high-risk lists to provide expansive insights into the risks associated with any customer or entity.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting can be the most time-consuming task you have, but it’s also one of the most important. With Alessa, your reports are automatically filed and validated in minutes – saving you hours of manual entry and ensuring fewer rejected reports.

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