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Continuous Controls Monitoring Platform

Better insights. Better processes.

Alessa provides early detection of abuse, misuse, and waste in your business processes and activities.


Powered by rules-based analytics, Alessa automates process monitoring and analysis to quickly flag suspicious activities. With Alessa’s Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) Solution you will be able to:


  • Detect high-risk issues and take actions to mitigate them
  • Improve business processes and internal controls standards
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for cost recovery services

Why Choose Alessa for Continuous Controls Monitoring?

Accounts Payable

Continuous review of your accounts payable program allows you to:


  • Detect non-compliant discounts
  • Block payments that exceed approval limits
  • Detect duplicate invoices or payments
  • Prevent payments for unapproved or incomplete projects


Ensure that the correct people and amounts and paid after every pay cycle. Alessa makes it easy to:


  • Track overtime and net payments
  • Flag ghost employees and vendors

Retail Monitoring

With tight margins and high loss rate, retail monitoring allows you to actively improve the bottom line. With Alessa, you can:


  • Review all transactions
  • Assess store performance
  • Verify discounts comply to policies
  • Reduce losses due to fraud, waste, and abuse

P2P and Vendor Management

Overpayments, false invoicing, and theft of inventory are major sources of fraud. Alessa allows you to detect duplicate vendors and suspicious payments, matches between employee and vendor bank accounts and more. 

Alessa can help ensure all your business processes are operating cost-effectively. Contact us today for a free demonstration of the continuous controls monitoring solution and see how Alessa can improve your business and enhance the bottom line.

Additional Solutions

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Better technology for deeper risk intelligence

Our AML compliance software includes APIs for integration with your onboarding systems to verify identities and search sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), OFAC, and proprietary lists in real time. Real-time risk intelligence during onboarding is critical to protecting your business. 

A good CDD process should include these seven elements:

  1. Full identification of customer and business entities, including the source of funds and wealth and beneficial ownership when appropriate
  2. Development of transactional activity profiles of each customer’s anticipated activity
  3. Definition and acceptance of the customer in the context of specific products and services
  4. Assessment and grading of risks at both customer and account levels
  5. Account and transaction monitoring based on the risks presented
  6. Investigation and examination of unusual customer or account activity
  7. Documentation of findings

In addition to the above, CDD processes should include periodic risk-based monitoring of the customer relationship to determine whether there are substantive changes to the original CDD information (e.g., change in employment or business operations)

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

The details count

Enhanced due diligence has additional measures aimed at identifying and mitigating the risk posed by higher risk customers.


Enhanced due diligence (EDD) is a must for organizations looking to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, engage with new suppliers, vet parties involved in a merger or acquisition, or meet anti-bribery and anti-corruption obligations.


Alessa offers the ability to automatically order EDD reports from Refinitiv directly from the platform. This allows compliance teams to go beyond simply checking whether an entity is on a sanction or watch list and get detailed background information on individuals and businesses based on comprehensive research by the Refinitiv team.

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