AML compliance software solution

AML Compliance
Software Solution

You fight financial crime.
We help you do it better.

Alessa is an anti-money laundering compliance platform that allows for the quick identification of suspicious activities and high-risk entities through automation, integration, powerful technology and ongoing support from our team of experts.


This enables you to make informed decisions , comply with regulations and protect your organization’s revenue and reputation.

Our AML Compliance Modules

Highlight the clients that pose the greatest risk to your organization, and be notified if and why risk scores change.

Know who you are doing business with before it impacts your business with Alessa’s real-time identity verification capabilities.

Analyze transactions in real-time or periodically in batches and receive alerts of suspicious activities that require investigation.

Screen individuals and businesses against multiple lists including PEPs, negative news, OFAC and other sanctions lists.

Assess the risk of doing business with an individual or business during onboarding and throughout your organization’s relationship with the entity.

With configurable workflows and case management tools, your team can seamlessly investigate, escalate and resolve investigations.

Auto-populate and electronically file between 70-100% of your SAR, STR, CTR or LCTR reports.

AML Compliance Software Solutions

Alessa enables you to make informed decisions, comply with regulations and protect your organization’s revenue and reputation through the power of automation, integration, technology and ongoing access to industry experts.

The Key Benefits of the Alessa AML Platform Include:


We’ve automated many of the time-consuming tasks associated with AML compliance, so you can focus on the most important parts of your job; keeping your organization compliant and helping to fight financial crime.


  • Real-time or batch transaction monitoring

  • Risk scoring and screening customization

  • Investigation workflow and case management

  • Regulatory reporting

  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)


Benefits for you: You get the job done faster and easier. 


Alessa plays well with others. The platform integrates with your current systems and offers access to our best-in-class partners to help ensure complete coverage.


  • Customer Due Diligence/Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Risk Screening including Sanctions, PEPs, Crypto, and Cannabis
  • Data processing and management
  • Identity Verification
  • Integrates with most existing or legacy systems


Benefits for you: Connecting your current systems with Alessa is easy, and with access to our best-in-class partners you’ll have complete AML coverage


Backed by machine learning and advanced analytics, Alessa gives you the tools to quickly identify and eliminate suspicious activity while adhering to regulatory requirements.


  • Decision learning
  • Rules analytics
  • Risk scoring engine
  • Workflow engine
  • Dashboards

Benefits for you: Alessa’s internal engines give you the power to quickly address any AML compliance challenges.

Ongoing Support

When you choose Alessa you gain the support of our world-class team and partners to help you navigate data sources, partners, and compliance requirements.


  • Highly skilled and trained team for implementation and deployment
  • Regular touch base for a lifetime of subscription, dedicated Account Manager
  • Responsive troubleshooting


Benefits for you: The Alessa team is committed to partnering with our clients. We bring our years of experience navigating data sources, partners, and legacy systems so you get the right AML program for your business.

“Vitesse is rapidly expanding its global footprint, building one of the largest domestic banking and payments networks in the world. Alessa will play an important role in helping us deliver efficient payments services to our clients, which include some of the largest insurers in the world, while ensuring we remain compliant with the evolving global regulatory landscape and industry best practice.”
Andy Gregson
Risk, Legal & Compliance Director of Vitesse

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