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You have to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, just like traditional financial institutions. However, the diversity of your patrons along with the frequency and volume of transactions — much of it cash-based — makes your industry a target for money launderers, complicating casino AML programs. And your most valuable patrons can be the ones that require the most attention during onboarding.


So how do you provide an exceptional patron experience and still meet your AML requirements?

You Need an AML Compliance Solution That Works For You

Get a Daily Update of Patron Risk

Alessa provides you with a comprehensive update on patron risk, highlighting the patrons whose risk scores have surpassed your establishment’s risk threshold in the last 24 hours.

A 360° View of Each Patron

Alessa 360 provides a complete view of patron information and activities, making suspicious activity easier to investigate and resolve.

Meets Unique Needs

You don’t work for a bank, so we don’t treat you like you do. Alessa has developed a unique AML platform to help simplify compliance for gaming establishments.

Expedited Processes and Results

We've streamlined and automated many of the time-consuming AML tasks so you can focus on investigation and the next steps to help keep your establishment compliant.

Reduced False Positives

Alessa uses machine learning and rules-based advanced analytics to minimize false positives, giving you more time to further investigate and report suspicious activity.

Ongoing Expert Support

From your first conversation with our risk experts to the ongoing support offered by our account managers and support team, we help you strengthen and streamline your AML program.

Alessa's Integrated AML Platform for Gaming Establishments Offers You

Validate Patrons in Real-Time with Identity Verification and KYC for Casinos

Integrating with your onboarding system, Alessa verifies identities in real-time and creates a more comprehensive risk profile of your patrons.

Avoid Risky Patrons With Sanctions Screening

With Alessa, screening can be done at various points in your establishment’s relationships with patrons, including onboarding and any subsequent visits.

Detect Suspicious Patterns With Transaction Monitoring

Monitoring every type of cage transaction (i.e. deposits, wires, checks), Alessa offers you a holistic view of your data to help identify suspicious activities. Our casino and gaming AML software monitors for casino-specific events such as chip walking, bill stuffing and minimal play.

Risk Scoring You Control

Using data from various sources, Alessa allows you to develop a risk scoring model that matches your establishment’s risk tolerance so you can easily assess of the risks of working with a patron. Alessa also reviews your establishment’s customer base and updates risk levels based on activity and third-party data.

Enhance Collaboration With Case Management

Alessa’s automated case management solution makes collaboration on investigations easier within your team and across the organization.

Automate Regulatory Reporting

With Alessa, your regulatory reports (CTRs, CDRs, SARs, LCTRs and STRs) can be auto-populated, validated, and electronically submitted across multiple jurisdictions.

NYRA is a regulated gaming institution holding the exclusive franchise to conduct thoroughbred racing at Aqueduct Racetrack, Belmont Park and Saratoga Race Course. NYRA tracks are the cornerstone of New York State’s thoroughbred industry, which is responsible for 19,000 jobs and more than $3 billion in annual statewide economic impact. To meet its federal and state regulatory obligations, NYRA uses Alessa with World-Check for sanctions and watch list screening, transaction monitoring and suspicious activity report filing to FinCEN.
The New York Racing Association

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