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AML Compliance for Casinos

You’re ready for a better AML Solution

You have to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, just like traditional financial institutions.

However, the diversity of your patrons along with the frequency and volume of transactions — much of it cash-based — makes your industry a target for money launderers, complicating casino AML programs.


And your most valuable patrons can be the ones that require the most attention during onboarding.


So how do you provide an exceptional patron experience and still meet your AML requirements?

You need a solution that actually works for you

Alessa offers a comprehensive platform specifically built to help casinos and gaming institutions maintain compliance.


Our solution provides you with:

Real-time casino customer due diligence, including identity verification. Discover who you are doing business with before they place their first bet. Alessa’s casino AML compliance software integrates with your onboarding system to verify identities in real time.

Sanctions screening with real-time name screening. Screening can be done in real-time, in batches or periodically. 


Alessa uses sanction lists, OFAC, law enforcement, politically exposed persons (PEPs), adverse media, and internal high-risk lists to provide a realistic view of the potential risks associated with a patron. 


You can also configure Alessa to review your existing customer database and update risk levels based on existing profiles, risks, and activities.

Real time or batch transaction monitoring. Alessa monitors every type of transaction, including cash deposits, wires, and checks, to detect suspicious activities. With this holistic view of your data, Alessa can accurately identify suspicious activities with less false positives.

Risk scoring customized to your specific requirements. Develop a risk scoring model that matches your establishment’s risk tolerance, so you have a complete picture of each of your patrons. With Alessa, risk factors, weights, scores, and aggregates are all configurable and automatically reviewed periodically based on your establishment’s preferences.

Regulatory reports in minutes. With Alessa your regulatory reports (CTRs, SARs and STRs) can be auto-populated, validated, and electronically submitted across multiple jurisdictions, including with American and Canadian regulators. 

Alessa also keeps your reporting requirements up to date, meaning you never have to worry about missing an update from a regulator again.

Make investigations easier with our case management solution. Detecting potential AML risk is just half of what Alessa can do to help ease your compliance efforts. Alessa offers a highly automated case management solution that allows your team to collaborate better and get to resolutions quicker.

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Alessa provides a 100% commitment free demo to demonstrate the tools and features we provide.