Crypto Identity Verification and KYC Software Solution

Crypto Identity Verification
& KYC Software Solution

Streamline Onboarding for Your Crypto Business

The rapidly evolving cryptocurrency sector presents unique challenges in maintaining AML compliance and safeguarding against fraud. At the heart of addressing these challenges is the critical process of identity verification.

You Need Quick, Effective Identity Verification and KYC Processes for Your Crypto Business

Alessa’s identity verification and KYC solution seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to provide real-time, comprehensive insights. By leveraging third-party data and risk intelligence from leading sources such as CipherTrace, Alessa allows cryptocurrency businesses to:


  • Quickly and efficiently perform in-depth Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) checks
  • Adapt and scale solutions and clientele in line with the crypto market’s rapid expansion and changing dynamics
  • Strengthen due diligence processes to significantly mitigate the risk of financial crimes

Why Crypto Businesses Trust Alessa for Identity Verification and KYC Compliance Efforts

KYC Processes in Real-Time

Track accounts associated with peer-to-peer crypto exchanges and virtual currency kiosks in real-time. With Alessa, you can also cross-reference the contact information of small VASPs with customer records to flag suspicious activities.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Our platform integrates effortlessly with many cryptosystems. With Alessa, easily import relevant PII data points (name, date of birth, SSN, addresses, etc.) to ensure accurate identity verification of your bank’s clients and effective KYC compliance.

Verify Client Identities On-Demand and Conduct Ongoing and Periodic CDD

Need a more robust solution? Alessa additionally supports on-demand identity verification and periodic and ongoing customer due diligence (CDD) efforts for KYC compliance. As client risk profiles evolve, our solution ensures you can make risk-aware, data-driven decisions about existing client relationships. 

Comprehensive Risk Intelligence

Maintaining compliance when dealing with an inherently anonymous form of currency requires access to quality data. Alessa allows you to leverage real-time insights from global databases as well as our extensive database, to identify high-risk clients swiftly.

Automation of Tedious Processes

Identity verification is a tedious process, especially for crypto exchanges looking to scale their business. Our solution allows for automated identity verification, allowing your compliance team to focus time and resources on more challenging areas of compliance.

Integrated AML Solutions

As your business grows, you may need to implement additional AML solutions. Alessa allows you to easily integrate identity verification data and results with other Alessa solutions, such as sanctions screening, transaction monitoring, risk scoring, regulatory reporting and more, to provide a full picture of risk. 

Simplify Identity Verification:
The Power of KYC/KYB Tools

Alessa integrates with your crypto business’s onboarding system to verify identities in real-time which means you can complete due diligence in minutes, validate customers faster and protect your organization.

Industries We Serve

Alessa's AML Solution for Crypto Businesses

In addition to our identity verification and KYC solution, Alessa provides a wide range of compliance modules for cryptocurrency businesses to strengthen their AML program, perfect for organizations looking to ensure stringent compliance and foster a secure ecosystem for their customers. Our solutions adopt a risk-based compliance strategy, streamlining operations through real-time data analysis and automation.


This all-encompassing solution automates time-consuming tasks, minimizes false positives, provides daily updates on client risk profiles, and keeps you informed of regulatory developments in an ever-changing industry. Our crypto compliance modules include:

AML Compliance for Crypto
Businesses in a Single Platform

A complete AML compliance solution for MSBs on one integrated platform. Alessa provides you with seamless compliance functionality – from the first red flag to the final regulatory report.

A 360° View of
Each Client

Alessa offers a holistic risk profile, crucial for crypto platforms to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, providing compliance teams with daily updates of client risk scores.

Transaction Monitoring

Alessa's vigilant monitoring detects unusual crypto activity, safeguarding against financial crimes. Our capabilities include real-time, periodic and event-based monitoring so you can have a full analysis of all transactions.

Watchlist, PEP & Sanctions Screening

Stay compliant by screening crypto clients against global watchlists, sanctions, and politically exposed persons lists in real-time with Alessa. Our modern screening solution allows you to only pay for the data you utilize, while drastically reducing your false positives with our proprietary PEP scoring model.

Custom Risk Scoring

Alessa dynamically scores your clients using industry and business-specific factors. Scoring models are unique to your organization’s risk appetite and specific CDD and KYC requirements.

Automated Regulatory Reporting

Automate and streamline crypto compliance reporting, ensuring accuracy and timeliness with Alessa. Alessa auto-populates, validates, and submits regulatory reports, including reports for FinCEN, FINTRAC, and numerous other regulatory environments.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

We’ve simplified EDD reporting, allowing clients to order EDD reports directly within our application, provided in ⅓ of the time at ⅓ of the average industry price.

Case Management

Streamline investigations with Alessa’s automated case management, enhancing operational efficiency for crypto firms.

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