October 3, 2022


At Alessa, we don’t just deliver an advanced AML compliance platform, we envision a world free of financial crime.  We do so with an innovative spirit and a commitment to the purpose of our work – to help our clients protect society by preventing financial crimes such as money laundering, fraud, human trafficking, and more. To our employees, partners and clients, we applaud you. What you do matters.


In a world where technology is continually changing how we use, move and save money, companies have an obligation not just to their customers, but also their communities, to keep up with the speed of monetary transactions and prevent financial crime.  Compliance and fraud prevention can feel unnecessarily complicated and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.


It is with this commitment to simplifying AML compliance and keeping focus on the human impact of our solutions, that we today unveil our new brand with our official company name of Alessa, Inc.  Simple in design and purpose, the new Alessa logo and brand conveys AML Compliance Simplified.


In the past several years, we’ve made advancements in real-time transaction monitoring and screening, due diligence, sanctions and watchlist screening, automated regulatory reporting, workflows and case management capabilities.  With a clear vision and barrier-breaking mindset, Alessa Inc. looks to the future with a renewed purpose in delivering powerful AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions to our clients – from Banks & Lenders, to Casinos & Gaming institutions, to Retail & Corporate clients.


Alessa. Simplicity. Purpose.

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