Foundations for Casino AML Compliance


With large sums of money moving through them each day, casinos are prime targets for money laundering. As a result, regulatory authorities are showing an increased focus on AML compliance in the gaming industry. So what are some steps you can take for casino AML compliance?


Automating some of the key parts of your compliance program, with AML software like Alessa, and staying up to date with the latest regulations and best practices is key for compliance success. Watch as Justin Hardin, Compliance Officer for ilani Resort shares his expertise on:

  • How to recognize suspicious activity/red flag indicators of money laundering and what you need to do in response
  • How an effective risk-based approach can be used to manage risk
  • Reporting obligations under anti-money laundering laws and how and when to complete required reports
  • New regulations and revised guidance for AML compliance for Casinos and regulatory expectations
  • Compliance for best practices in the US, Canada, and abroad


To learn more about how Alessa can help your casino AML compliance needs, contact us today.

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