Investigating expenses is now easier with ability to view receipt images submitted via Concur.


Ottawa, Canada, September 11, 2017 – Alessa, the developer of enterprise solutions for financial crime, compliance and audit professionals, is pleased to announce that the newest release of its purchasing card (P-Card) and travel and entertainment (T&E) expense monitoring solutions now include the ability to view images of receipts submitted via the Concur expense report management solution.


Alessa’s solutions allow expense managers to automatically monitor 100 percent  of their expenses and use rules-based and advanced analytics to quickly detect anomalous transactions, errors, fraud, misuse and abuse within their spend program. Upon discovery of an anomaly, Alessa’s solutions enable faster investigations with configurable workflows and case management that engage the entire organization in compliance efforts.


With this release, expense managers will find it easier to investigate anomalies by examining copies of the receipts submitted within the solution.


“Expense managers will no longer have to use multiple applications to investigate anomalies in their expense program,” says Andrew Simpson, Chief Operating Officer for Alessa. “This will not only reduce the time for investigations, it will also increase the completeness of reviews.”


In addition to advanced anomaly detection, case management and workflows, Alessa’s P-Card and T&E management solutions include a variety of dashboards and reports to make it easier for companies to automate compliance, have full visibility of their spend program and identify savings opportunities.


To learn how Alessa’s P-Card, T&E and procurement monitoring solutions can help your organization better manage its processes, reduce costs and maintain compliance, contact us.

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