Due Diligence Screening with Dow Jones and Alessa

December 10, 2020

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance provides data solutions to help financial institutions and corporations comply with anti-money laundering and anti-corruption obligations and reduce third-party risk. The combination of Alessa and Dow Jones Risk & Compliance facilitates real-time due diligence screening in order to comply with regulatory mandates and better manage financial and reputational risks.


Topics covered within the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance service include:

  • Global sanctions | People and entities subject to comprehensive or targeted restrictive measures
  • Sanctions Control & Ownership (SCO) | More than 22,000 companies owned or controlled by individuals, entities or regions sanctioned by OFAC and/or the European Union
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) | Senior public officials and their relatives and close associates, with coverage of government officials across 22 high-risk job categories
  • Adverse Media (on individuals): Special interest persons, including those involved in key criminal categories.


Why leading firms trust Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

  • Secondary identifiers – 98% of profiles have one or more secondary identifiers (e.g., gender, image URL, date of birth) which reduces false positives.
  • Consolidated profiles – A single profile for each individual makes it easier to screen and eliminate the need to clear the same name multiple times.
  • Curated content – A 450-person multilingual research team along with industry-leading data science and content strategies creates accurate profiles.
  • Multilingual profiles – Profile data contain original script names and searches conducted in Cyrillic, Chinese characters and other languages can return results in English.
  • Context – Profiles are assembled from and linked to trusted sources.
  • Quality – Data is monitored and audited for accuracy, timeliness and completeness.


Benefits of using Alessa and Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

Use a single solution for compliance:

  • Choose from on-demand, periodic or real-time screening options
  • Incorporate results from risk screening into onboarding, transaction monitoring, risk scoring and regulatory reporting processes
  • Use automated workflows and case management to drive and track investigations
  • Maintain an audit trail of all due diligence activities for auditors and regulators
  • Reduce workload and have a holistic view of risks across the organization


Enhance due diligence screening processes:

  • Rely on advanced techniques to identify matches and reduce false positives
  • Triage matches to quickly and easily confirm or dismiss prospects
  • Match prospects by aliases, biography, nationality, date of birth and more
  • Review entity connections, locations, key incidents (convictions/sentencing) and presence on sanction and watch lists
  • Update risk scores with entity and transaction information for a risk based approach to compliance


To learn how you can optimize your due diligence activities with Alessa and Dow Jones, contact us.



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