Fraud Detection & Prevention Software

Fraud detection and prevention software with enterprise-wide controls that analyze data from any source and use advanced analytics to detect anomalies, breakdowns and fraud.


Proactively prevent illicit activities

Illicit cash transaction


The risk of fraud is prevalent in every organization. To respond to growing threats and reduce the impact of illegal activities, businesses must implement fraud monitoring solutions to have a complete and real-time view of customers and their activities.

The fraud detection and prevention software capabilities offered by Alessa provide enterprise-wide controls that analyze data from any source, simplify data management, and use advanced analytics to detect anomalies, breakdowns and fraud. It can be used to detect illicit activities in procurement, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, insurance claims and more.

The fraud management software includes:

  • Real-time, periodic or event-based monitoring
  • Risk scoring
  • Rules-based and AI-based analytics
  • Workflows and case management for flagged transactions

Features and Benefits

Alessa Alessa

Due Diligence

Use real-time risk intelligence to know who you are doing business with

Alessa Alessa

Transaction Screening

Monitor all transactions to intercept suspicious activities for investigation

Alessa Alessa

Advanced Analytics

To detect complex fraud schemes across departments and systems

Alessa Alessa

Risk Scoring

Realistic assessment of risks based on entity profile and activity that is configurable

Alessa Alessa


Quickly evaluate program performance and identify sources of revenue leakage

Alessa Alessa

Investigation Tools

Workflows, case management that engages the entire organization in compliance


Real-time protection

Effective fraud detection and prevention programs must have continuous monitoring of transactions in order to quickly detect suspicious activity. Alessa allows organizations to screen all clients and transactions in real time and generates risk scores to help make decisions about what needs further investigation.


Know your customers and vendors

Because it’s important to know exactly who you are doing business with, Alessa offers rigorous sanctions screening against internal and external, third-party sanctions lists. Whether ad-hoc, periodically or in real-time, organizations can choose to screen at the beginning of the relationship and periodically to ensure that there are no new risks.


Business meeting on fraud detection strategies

Don’t get caught in a scandal

Alessa is your best defense against bribery, corruption and other illicit activities. Our fraud detection and prevention software provides a complete view of your data, applying advanced analytics so you can uncover suspicious activities and patterns before they cause damage.


Keep finance under control

Finance, including payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable are areas that are vulnerable to errors, fraud and theft. Alessa protects your business by reviewing and screening transactions to ensure that they comply with policies and reduce the risk of improper payments and segregation of duties violations.

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