Procurement Monitoring

A procurement monitoring solution that prevents revenue loss from fraud, waste and abuse.


Gain control of expenses

employee conducting transaction and payroll monitoring

Alessa offers a transaction monitoring and fraud detection platform that prevents revenue loss from fraud, abuse and waste in expense and procurement programs. Designed for public and private institutions of all sizes, it is configurable as an end-to-end enterprise solution or as a modular solution for comprehensive:

  • Purchasing card (P-Card) monitoring
  • Travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses monitoring
  • Anti-bribery, anti-corruption (ABAC)
  • Vendor risk management
  • Materials management

Features and Benefits

Alessa Alessa

Managing Vendor Risk

Know who you are doing business with and whether you should do business with them

Alessa Alessa

Payments Screening

Monitor all transactions and actively block suspicious activities for investigation

Alessa Alessa

Advanced Analytics

To detect complex fraud schemes across departments and systems

Alessa Alessa

Risk Scoring

Realistic assessment of risks based on entity profile and activity that is configurable

Alessa Alessa

Investigation Tools

Configurable workflows and case management tools for investigations and remediation

Alessa Alessa


Quickly evaluate program performance and identify sources of revenue leakage

Procurement Monitoring of Credit Card Purchases

Detect fraud, misuse and abuse

Utilize a procurement monitoring system to avoid costly investigations and prosecutions by detecting potentially fraudulent behavior and transactions. Identify and prevent travel and entertainment (T&E) irregularities, inconsistent procurement and expense management processes and P-Card fraud with our continuous monitoring services. Use data to build program-level metrics and detect waste and abuse such as elevated liabilities, out-of-policy purchases, use of non-preferred vendors and more. 


Prevent improper payments

Immediately detect fraudulent and erroneous payments, using our duplicate payment software capabilities to prevent potentially harmful transactions.  


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Eliminate cost-recovery services

Identify and resolve control failures as they occur, eliminating reliance on post-recovery audits and cost recovery services.


Protect against vendor risks

Use real-time screening during onboarding and continuous vendor screening services against sanctions and internal lists to avoid doing business with risky vendors. Develop vendor profiles, enforce vendor selection and usage policies and implement fraud detection analytics to prevent business transactions with unapproved or potentially duplicate vendors. 



Controls Monitoring

Continuously monitor internal controls, flag high-risk issues, improving business processes and business performance and more.

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Fraud Prevention

Enterprise-wide controls that analyze data from any source, simplify data management, and use advanced analytics to detect anomalies, breakdowns and fraud.

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Sanctions Screening

Screen customers, vendors and businesses in real-time during on-boarding, periodically or in batches to ensure that you know who you are doing business with.

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