How AML Compliance Software Solutions Improve Efficiency Without Breaking the Bank


The cost of non-compliance is no longer affordable.

 Every regulated entity is under enormous pressure to ensure AML compliance.  Organizations – and even individuals – have been faced with increased fines and negative media coverage when they fail to comply.


Constantly changing regulations and higher levels of scrutiny means it is important to find the right AML compliance software solution to ensure your compliance team has the best tools for the job.



What Do AML Compliance Software Solutions Bring to the Table?

While some regulations are industry and business specific, as compliance solution providers we’ve noticed there are pain points that come up frequently with nearly all our prospective clients. Here’s a short list of compliance program challenges we’ve heard from your peers:


  • Making a clear connection between clients and high-risk entities
  • Uncertainty regarding the importance to place on cryptocurrency risks
  • Inefficiencies arising from manual processes in compliance programs
  • Challenges in testing, validating and documenting risk models
  • Difficulties in adapting AML risk scoring models to fit recent developments


In this webinar, our risk experts explore many of the current challenges faced by compliance professionals and showcase how Alessa can help overcome them. During the event, you will see how Alessa can help you with:



This presentation highlights how Alessa makes compliance easier and more efficient.  This state-of-the-art program can help you reduce manual processes, better manage high-risk scenarios, and resolve red flags – faster and more efficiently.


View our blog on how to choose between AML software vendors for more information. 



How Does Alessa Help Solve AML Compliance Challenges?

Alessa’s powerful integrated platform can work with your existing infrastructure and provides all the AML capabilities that banks, MSBs, FinTechs, casinos and other regulated companies need.


Alessa offers you more by providing:


  • A single platform offering a modular all-in-one solution
  • The ability to scale with your business
  • A highly configurable solution across industries
  • A reduction in manual processes with robust investigations and workflow automation
  • Real-time integration with other business processes


Watch the webinar above for a guided walkthrough of how Alessa can help your compliance team succeed.


Contact us today to learn more about how our AML compliance software solution can help your business. Or ask for your own customized demo with one of our Risk Experts.

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