P-Card Program Best Practices: Simple Steps to Grow Compliance


You’ve got a convenient P-Card program in place, but how do you ensure every transaction complies with company policies? Lack of proper oversight not only reduces the performance of your program, it also increases the risk of non-compliant purchases and fraud. Following P-Card program best practices will allow you to grow compliance standards and reduce fraud and loss.


In this webinar, we will use real-world examples to illustrate how organizations have stopped relying on sampling in favor of continuous controls monitoring to ensure that P-Card transactions and your program follows best practices and company policy. We will also show you how to:


  • Reduce the liability of your P-Card program
  • Identify common non-compliant or fraudulent card use with the help of analytics
  • Cross-reference HR and Accounts Payable data with P-Card transactions for better anomaly detection
  • Use workflows and case management for remediation of questionable transactions
  • Secure buy-in by demonstrating the value of P-Card monitoring solutions to key stakeholders

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