What’s New in Alessa – Core Functionality


There are a number of new and exciting enhancements to the core features in the latest version of Alessa (version 5.5.2). Here is a summary of some of the most notable additions:


Alessa has expanded our cloud hosting to include all its solutions which include:


Cloud deployments include complete cloud hosting or hybrid where some components are on-premises.


One of the key enhancements is in the way the product looks – the visualizations. Through visualizations, gain insights from your business process to determine the effectiveness of your compliance programs. By default, Alessa provides a number of visualizations that can help you to gauge program performance, by answering questions such as:

  • What is the overall performance of my investigative team?
  • What are the most common actions taken on alerts?
  • Are risks concentrated in specific geographies or locations?
  • What are the main root causes of exceptions within my process?


In this release, non-technical Alessa users can now create visualizations to meet additional reporting requirements using an intuitive business intelligence (BI) component. Users can choose from a wide array of chart options, including maps, graphs and gauges. Once the new visualizations have been created, they can be published and used by other Alessa users.


The solution now allows users to introduce custom scripts and a number of privacy enhancements including:

  • Customers can now implement analytics written in Python
  • Enhanced security to protect user credentials and prevent unauthorized access. Administrators can now configure two-Factor Authentication within the application
  • Implemented changes in the Task Administration feature to help protect confidential information


For a complete view of the enhancements, check out the What’s New document for hosted and on-premises customers or contact us.

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